A Norwegian fringe opera company that performs relevant, contemporary and accessible opera, created by young composers and playwrights



"... this three-character opera is modern, genuinely funny, and refreshingly simple"

- Operablog, Opera With Pearls


a one-act opera by

Gísli Jóhann Grétarsson og Oda Fiskum

Director: Vera Krohn Svaleng


An opera about the generation that went from using the café as an office to working in a café.


You’re young, you’re promising, your supervisors think you could be something, and all the stories you’ve heard about people who could be something ends with them being it. You get yourself education, experience and expose everyone you meet to your unique, sparkling self. But around the corner looms your thirtieth birthday, and suddenly you’re not “young and promising” anymore. But you haven’t become something that pays the rent or the student loan either. So what do you do? Welcome to the coffe chain SueUs, where dreams shrink but the smallest size is always large.













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